Who Will Win in a Drag Race? A Supercar or a Modded Ride? Netflix’s New Show Intends to Keep Viewers Guessing

The underdog pitted against the greats. A David and Goliath battle of our times in a drag race setup. The question is: who is the David, and who is the Goliath?

Netflix has jumped on the bandwagon of car-related programming, after Amazon’s Prime scored bigtime with ‘The Grand Tour’. The show will be billed simply as the ‘Fastest Car’, and is set to begin on April 6. The idea is pretty simple: pit supercars against modified vehicles and sleepers in head-on drag racing. Each episode will feature three built-not-bought cars against one potent supercar.

In the trailer we see a Dodge Viper ACR, a flashy Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458, and more. On the other end, you can spot a rusty Oldsmobile, a rat rod and even a slammed Honda Odyssey.

We know we can’t wait.

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