What Would Make Your New Boss Give You His Car? Walking 20 Miles to Work, That’s What

CEO of Bellhops, a moving company in the US of A, Luke Marklin, decided to drive from Tenessee to Alabama last week, after hearing of an exemplary brand new employee, whose dedication to getting to work on the first day on the job became viral news. Marklin not only wanted to meet the exceptional young employee, he wanted to gift his own personal car, a 2014 Ford Escape, to the employee.

But what would make your brand new boss give you his (not even very) old car?

College student Walter Carr’s car had broken down just before he started his new job at Bellhops. When he couldn’t find another way to work and was determined to not miss his first day, he decided to walk – all 20 miles – to the home of the customer. Carr figured it would take him seven hours to walk the 20 miles, so he started his journey around midnight so that he could arrive at the customer’s house by 8am, before the rest of the crew.

Four hours and 14 miles later, he was stopped by the police. When they heard his story, they drove him to get some breakfast and later to a church to rest. Later, another police car picked Carr up and dropped him off at the customer’s home.

The rest is…written by the customer herself, Jenny, in a Facebook post:

In short, the police officer explained the situation to Jenny, who offered to let Carr rest. But Carr preferred to get to work right away. They worked alongside each other and chatted for awhile before the rest of the movers arrived. Jenny then made Carr tell them what he was willing to do to get to work.

The rest is…played out in this video, and already written about at the start of this article:

Hmm…A few of us at Automology could do with a new car too – if we walk to work tomorrow, will our boss give us one? (Pretty please, Boss.)

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