What to Avoid and What to Drink When Riding

Raise your glasses to beating dehydration.

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The hot season has returned to the northern hemisphere, but it feels especially hot this time around in Southeast Asia. So, if you are out there riding, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. But there are certain beverages to stay away from, and there are those you should have more of.

The Bad:

1. Alcoholic beverages

You should not even be on a motorcycle if you drink alcoholic beverages. That includes beer, wine and hard liquor, no exception. For one, alcohol takes effect faster in hot weather. Besides that, alcohol pulls water away from your tissues and dehydrates you even more. It is fine if you are drinking after the ride, but make sure you drink lots of water afterwards to counter dehydration and be less hungover the next day.

2. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are packed with “fake” sugar and caffeine. Both substances are diuretic that remove water from your tissues. Drinking a can to keep you awake during a ride is alright but do drink lots of water afterwards.

3. Soft drinks

They are always advertised as “refreshing,” but they are full of sugar and caffeine, albeit not as much as energy drinks. Still, sugar and caffeine are bad for hydration, so again, lots of water afterwards.

4. Coffee or tea

Surprise! Coffee and tea can keep you awake but caffeine is a diuretic.

5. Smoothies

Feels super refreshing but again, sugar does not aid hydration. Smoothies do provide a quick boost of energy and vitamins, though. Drink in moderation.

The Good:

1. Water

Water is the best, bar none. Although it does not provide energy, it helps to keep you cool by replenishing the liquid you lost through perspiration. It also helps the body in the ridding of toxins.

2. Gatorade, 100 Plus

Isotonic drinks replenish the body’s electrolytes. The cells in our bodies require electrolytes to function properly. But please drink in moderation.

3. Coconut water

For Southeast Asians, we are lucky we can get fresh coconuts. Coconut water contains 95% water, the best among all fruit juices. But do drink it without added sugar.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon juice comprises 92% water, making it the best after the coconut. You can eat its flesh or blend it into a juice, but leave out the sugar syrup.

5. Milk

Milk may leave a sticky residue in the mouth, but it is actually good for hydration. It gives you calcium, vitamins and an energy boost. However, drink only white milk and leave behind the flavoured stuff as those contain sugar.

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