What is Essential? Going to Pot or Gun Shops? Or Cheese and Wine?

With the movement restriction order, people disagree on what is essential. Automologist MAC suddenly had an essential need which provider, during this time, is closed.

Social distancing US Style.

Malaysia, like many other countries, has a bare essential approach to the establishments that can remain open. The question is: who or what other shops should be open as well?

For me this morning, the answer to that question was very simple…OPTICIANS! Unfortunately for me, the essential list here does not include them. I am blind without my glasses when it comes to reading or seeing which button to push on the TV remote control, and to break my last pair of glasses, well, is an absolute disaster. Which is what I did this morning!


Around the world, though, what is essential seems to vary and in much of the USA, guns or should we say gun shops have been put on the list of exempted establishments. Well, of course, as the Zombie Apocalypse is seemingly with us…

Another area that has raised eyebrows is an exemption for shops that sell Marijuana. Of course, this is mostly in the US and the authorities have focused on the medicinal angle of the drug rather than the recreational use – man!

More variety than Heinz.

The UK initially ordered just about everything closed but as the supermarkets ran dry of booze, the government reluctantly but very sensibly allowed for Off-Licenses (the quaint British name for a shop selling booze) to reopen. And quite right too. Just to show who has the class in Europe, though, the French has now deemed shops that specialize in pastry, cheese and wine to be essential and can stay open.

Me, I will just have to brave the Police blocks on the roads around Kuala Lumpur and go get my spare of specs from the office. Wish me luck.

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