What is Decarbonising and Does My Car Need It?

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All car owners should read this.

The way your car has been designed and built, assuming that it is regularly serviced, should let it be quite capable of reaching a six-figure mileage without needing any sort of major repair work. You will probably notice some reduction in power or acceleration as the car gets older, but hey, what the heck, the old man writing this article isn’t getting any faster either.

Nowadays, most of us will probably have a direct-injection engine, whereby the petrol gets sprayed directly into the combustion chamber for more efficient fuel consumption. But this has created a problem all of its own. The solvents in the fuel that are used to keep much of the combustion side of the engine clean and clear of deposits no longer can and so, power-robbing coke (carbon deposits) builds up.

Commonly now, your car service centre will recommend decarbonising your engine even at low mileages as a way to protect your vehicle and even improve the performance, particularly if you are driving a diesel-powered vehicle. If you chose to ignore this advice and chose the “Italian Method” to clean your engine – ie. running your car engine at its maximum to, in theory, burn up the deposits – you may well end up harming your engine and the environment with the extra emissions generated. So what is your other option?


Well, our friends over at X-1R have been at the forefront of fuel additive technology for more than thirty years and have supplied products to NASA for much of that time. Their Complete Fuel System Treatments have been evolving since to reflect the changes in engine and fuel design and the resultant increase in engine carbon build-up. Now the company has announced the release of a brand new formula that contains some revolutionary and patented technology that already has many OEMs excited. It is being called the X-1R Decarboniser “Five-in-One”.

Jeff Ketchledge of the X-1R Corporation said that “the X-1R Five-in-One Diesel and Petrol Decarboniser are the most comprehensive, multi-purpose additives application for treating your fuel system available on the market. Each attribute of the Five-in-One Decarboniser is a maximum strength dosage designed to restore an ‘as new’ performance to your vehicle. The Decarboniser is proven to strip away even years of carbon build-up whilst the proprietary upper cylinder lubricants will reduce fuel consumption by something like 2%”.

If you read up about the product, you will also notice that the Five-in-One Decarboniser is also pretty effective in reducing and eliminating water contamination, reduce harmful emissions and also boost Octane/Cetane numbers significantly. When you consider how easy the product is to apply and also how affordable it is, this must be a must-have for all car owners.

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