What Does This Thing Do?

Automology contributor, SU, confesses to NOT knowing much about car engines…so we are going to learn together.

I recently completed a quiz about “knowing your car engine” and, no surprise, I failed miserably – 2 out of 8 right answers. My secret to the two correct answers was…eeny meeny miny moe (just kiddin’…I ain’t that blonde).
Ha ha ha…jerk!
So lets dive into the mysterious world of what makes your car run, based on the quiz I took. I’m only going to show you the correct answers:

First question: Which square contains the battery? 

My thought was “duhhh..this one, obvi. The only square thingy I can see.

Second question: What does a carburetor do?

Me: I know carbs, but carburetor?
Correct answer: Mixes gasoline with air to ensure the engine runs effectively.

Third question: Which square contains spark plug wires?

I know my sparks and wires…woohoo.

Fourth question: What is pictured here?

Alternator. Can’t believe I got it wrong the second time around.

Fifth question: What does a “camshaft” do?

Me : Oooh let’s not go there ☺
Correct answer : The camshaft opens and closes the valve train (whatever that means…)

Sixth question: What is pictured here?

This is a starter. It’s pretty important. And so it breakfast.

Seventh question: What does a “crankshaft” do?

Me: Really? Again?
Correct answer : The crankshaft translates the reciprocal motion of the pistons into rotating motion for the wheels.

Eighth question: What does a “timing belt” do?

Me : I know this, I’ve heard it so many times but never actually seen it. How bizarre is that?
Correct answer: A timing belt synchronises the crankshaft’s rotation with the rotation of the camshaft. (I had so much fun typing this out)
The second time around, I got 6 out of 8 and the automated comment was “You are pretty close to being an engine expert”. Damn right I am.

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