We Prove that X-1R will Save You Fuel

It doesn’t seem to matter how many existing tests X-1R has to prove that its range of products is the best that money can buy, whenever the company approaches a potential new customer, it is asked to test the ability of the range. The fact that X-1R has supplied to NASA now for some 22 years and have customers all over the globe seem to be irrelevant; the potential customers want to know if the product range will work locally and more specifically on the products that they routinely work with.

Recently, X-1R’s Harold Ledda was in Qatar to supervise such a test on two vehicles supplied by Mitsubishi: the first vehicle, an Outlander with 30,000 kilometres on it, and the second, a Mitsubishi Lancer with some 135,000 kilometres. Both vehicles were suffering from a drop in power, increased emissions and reduced fuel economy. After treating with X-1R Engine Treatment, there was a 12% increase and a 27% increase in compression across the four cylinders respectively—a remarkable improvement and one that has convinced Mitsubishi in Qatar to become a regular customer.

In all engines, the compression in the engine will gradually fall due to wear in the cylinder, particularly at the point at which the cylinder stops moving up, reverses direction and goes back down again. This is generally referred to as Top Dead Centre (TDC) and is also the point where there is the least lubrication and the highest temperatures, and greatest amount of friction. Over time, due to the lack of effective lubrication, the seal will deteriorate and allow valuable compression to leak past the cylinder rings and into the oil, robbing your car of power.

The term for this is combustion leakage or blow-by, and it will not only waste fuel energy and thus rob your vehicle of power, but it will also burn oil from the cylinder wall, and produce soot and sludge. If your car is suffering from lowered compression due to blow-by, then you would notice lower power, rough idling, sluggish acceleration, increased emissions and ultimately increased sludge formation as the combustion gases gradually reduce the life expectancy of the oil in your crankcase.

X-1R Engine Treatment is proven to actually repair worn-out areas of the cylinder wall and improve the seal between the piston and the cylinder wall by being absorbed into the metal, repairing microscopic imperfections and creating a smoother, harder, load-bearing surface. This allows for the forces to be evenly distributed over a wider surface, resulting in reduction of friction. And when you reduce friction, you reduce wear and tear, and also increase fuel efficiency.

X-1R Engine Treatment contains an extreme pressure (EP) agent that provides extraordinary lubricating protection beyond the range of normal motor oil. As an EP pressure lubricant, it protects the metal surface of engine components by reducing metal-to-metal contact when the liquid hydrodynamic oil film breaks down under severe loading conditions.

So, X-1R Engine Treatment is an advanced formulation which seals microscopic leaks in the cylinder wall. Most importantly, it works to seal and lubricate the area of the cylinder at TDC where it is most needed. The result is higher compression, less blow-by, and more efficient combustion that restores power to improve engine performance.

And that is why the compression was restored and fuel economy returned. Kinda neat really.

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