We Can’t Wait For This Cool Retro Jimny!

Suzuki is renowned for making small vehicles that are fun to drive. The new Suzuki Jimny with retro as its theme is no different.

The Jimny has been around since 1970 and almost 3 million units have been sold. The latest generation—in its fourth incarnation—will definitely add to that number with its cool looks. The new Jimny has long been awaited as the previous generation stayed around for two decades.

Simple but does what it’s supposed to do.

Sitting on its proven ladder frame, the 1.5-litre engine will deliver the power you need at any time, generating torque over a wide rpm range while maintaining good fuel efficiency. It has a three-link rigid axle suspension with coil springs and part-time four-wheel drive. And because Suzuki knows you will go off-road, it has added a low-range transfer gear for off-road excursions, called the ‘All Grip Pro’, for maximum torque and traction.



Interior-wise, it has nice gadgets and gizmos, yet retains its old school charm. It comes with features such as Hill Hold Control, Hill Descent Control and other safety features, such as Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition, among others.

This distinctive vehicle has already been launched in Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. Not yet in Malaysia, where it matters to us at Automology, as there is no official distributor here.

However, we hear that a local car dealer, Hamza Motors, is bringing in some reconditioned units, ie. the 1,500cc 4-cylinders and 660cc 3-cylinder. Malaysians will have a choice between the 5-speed Manual or 4-speed Automatic. This would be the next best thing compared to a new one.

Heck, if Tim Burton aka Shmee has one in his garage among his many supercars, we say YES to the Jimny.

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