WATCH: Hyundai Has Gotten a New Factory Guard Dog…It’s Yellow and Headless

Last year, when Hyundai bought a controlling share of Boston Dynamics, a robotic company known for Spot the robot dog of internet fame, we expected (or rather, hoped) that they were planning to build cars that could sprout legs.

Well, there’s no news of that yet, but Hyundai has already taken advantage of the advanced robotic technology that Boston Dynamics are known for, that is Spot himself or rather a version of him with the specific purpose of “guarding” the automaker’s facility.

Hyundai showed off on video their first Factory Safety Service Robot that would be assigned to one of Kia’s factories. The robot called “Robot”, which is just a tad more unimaginative than “Spot” if that was possible, has all of its predecessor’s abilities – eg. applied AI, autonomous navigation and teleoperation capabilities (remote control) – and has been further developed for specific tasks at the South Korea factory, such as detecting people, fires and if a door is open or closed.

Robot will support the late-night security patrols and contribute to an overall safer environment for the employees. If he proves himself useful, the company could deploy more Robots to their other sites.

And we humans thought we were the only living beings being displaced by robots. Guard dogs around the world should be worried about job security and start their retraining to become simply a house pet.

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