Want to Impress Your Date? Keep Your Car Clean

We may all be stuck at home at the time of writing and not doing much socialising, but the news is that the online dating scene is thriving. Nothing like the build-up of anticipation through online chatting, awaiting the day when you can meet potentially “the one” in person. Well, the quarantine will eventually end and you’ll eventually have to go on your first date, so here’s ONE very important tip to make a good first impression. It’s simple: before you go pick her (or him, because we live in the Year 2020) up, CLEAN YOUR CAR. 

In reality, a neat freak and a slob rarely have a happy ending together. According to a recent poll by Meguiar’s (no surprise there), over half the 2,000 respondents would end the first date early if their date rolled up in a dirty car. And nearly half of them admitted that they had a messy car. Imagine the dream of being with the perfect woman/man dashed because of crumbs on the upholstery or rubbish in the backseat. What a waste of an opportunity!

Yet, some of the respondents find that washing the car is much more a chore than washing the dishes, dusting shelves, cleaning the kitchen sink, toilet or bathtub. The top three junk found in their cars are crumbs, empty bottles and food wrappers (guilty, guilty and guilty!).

Even if your date can get past the mess during your first outing together, here’s a warning: 23% of the respondents have ended a relationship with someone because of their dirty vehicle.

In Malaysia, we are fortunate enough to have very affordable car-wash services (about RM12 or US$3 only), but that was BQ (ie. Before Quarantine). When the quarantine is lifted, the car washes may not yet be opened. So, if you already have a date (or dates) lined up after, improve your chances by keeping your car in tip-top condition and ready for some action.

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