Walk Through X-1R-Sponsored Disinfection Booth to Enter Auto Dealerships in the Philippines

Our Philippine correspondents, KATHERINE and HAROLD, share the latest efforts to safeguard against infections at local dealerships.

Living under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic has made safety protocols mandatory. Even though vaccines have begun arriving and some 10 million Filipinos are hoping to be inoculated this year to avert the further spread of this mutating virus, safety precautions should still be in place to flatten the trajectory of this pandemic that has blindsided the global economy. The private sector is now taking constructive initiatives on their own as government efforts will take some time to see effects – and by that time, a business might already be at the end of the rope, too devastated to recover.

Beyond the “personal anti-COVID weapons” of face masks, face shields, alcohol hand sprays and physical distancing, business establishments have implemented further safety protocols like temperature check, contract tracing, QR code check-in and mandatory hand sanitisation upon entry into buildings. The automotive sector has added protocols like requiring staff and customers to pass through disinfection booths when entering their dealerships. In fact, some auto brands have required, if not strongly suggested, that all vehicles for servicing be sanitized either by wiping the surface or applying mist disinfectent. It is in this context that X-1R Philippines, being conscious of its social responsibility, provided disinfecting booths to their customers, to the great delight of the dealerships’ owners, employees and customers.

X-1R is known globally for providing “VITAMINS FOR YOUR CARS”, hence, X-1R Philippines’ commitment to providing its best quality X-1R products to maintain their client car’s health has been taken a step further—that is to ensure the car owners’ health too when they visit dealerships.

These disinfecting booths, courtesy of CreativeSparx, Inc. (CSI), the exclusive Philippine distributor of X-1R, are placed at the entrance of the dealership’s service area or at the showroom façade. It is equipped with an automatic thermo scanner, alcohol dispenser and a built-in disinfection machine that will automatically spray a disinfecting mist once you enter the said booth. In addition, CSI also provided a humidifier and disinfectant solution for the service area’s customer lounge to keep the waiting customers safe.

X-1R and CSI both believe that in times like this, we all should contribute to the safety and health of our customers and, with those initiatives, we are helping flatten the COVID curve and preventing mandatory lockdowns that ruin businesses and collapse national and global economies.

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