Waitrose Uses Race Car Technology to Keep Its Fridges Cold

The sport of car racing has gifted many a technology that has been used to improve the everyday car, from the roll cage that keeps passengers safe in a rollover collision to better braking systems, as well as turbochargers for better performance and efficiency.

Race technology continues to trickle down to everyday lives, specifically where you go to buy your groceries. Waitrose & Partners has started using the EcoBlade, which are strips placed on the edge of fridge shelves, to prevent loss of cold air. The twin-blades made from recyclable polycarbonate channel airflow the same way racing cars do when cornering at high speeds.


Using the EcoBlade will help reduce the fridge’s energy consumption by up to an impressive and significant 25%. And according to the UK-based company, that is the same amount of energy required to make “1.6 billion cups of tea per year.” The blades are so effective that even without fridge doors, a constant temperature can still be maintained to keep the goods on the shelves fresh.

The EcoBlade technology was designed by Wirth Research, which is an engineering company specialising in developing technology for various sectors; its founder, Nick Wirth, was once owner of the Simtek Formula One team and has worked with various teams in the sport (aaah).

The Head of CSR for Waitrose & Partners, Tor Harris, said that the design shows that the company was “motoring forward” to reduces its environmental impact. (We HAD to include the pun.)

What other racing gadgetry do you think should find its way into our everyday lives? This writer wants the drinking system used in Formula 1 race cars.

You don’t have to exert any energy sucking from the bag (cause Lewis Hamilton has got no time for that). Just press a button and it squirts the liquid into your mouth. (Mind out of the gutter, please.) Ok, not advanced technology per se, but it makes drinking water fun.

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