Volvo is Going to a Car Show Without ANY Car

Motor shows around the world are traditionally full of cars, of course. You go to the shows to ogle the newest and latest, the weird the wonderful, and the downright absurd in some case. This year’s LA Motor Show will not be any exception, unless of course you visit the Volvo stand. This year, Volvo is not taking any car with it.

Rather, the Swedish carmaker has opted to show off a range of connectivity fandangles and autonomous offerings that will feature in the likes of the Volvo 360c concept (pictured above). Volvo will also wax lyrical about its car-sharing tech. Yup, welcome to the future, guys.

In part, the trade show organisers are to blame, having changed the name from the LA Car Show to Automobility LA, very much recognising the disruptive effect that all of this new tech is having on the industry in general. So, instead of Volvo taking a concept car to the show, it will instead be exploring the future concept of the car.

Volvo’s concept of future travel in the 360c.

Martin Levenstam, who is one of Volvo’s product strategy executives, says that the company’s stand will be made up of stations that will include some of its tech partners, particularly from California, showcasing the things that are being achieved on the West Coast of Americaland.

It is highly unlikely that Volvo will repeat this format at future shows as we all know that Volvo is adept at knocking out stunning concept cars, like the gorgeous SPA Coupe concept they chose to show to the world back in August at the Frankfurt Show:

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