Volkswagen’s ‘Electrify America’ Video Heralds a JetStones Future


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The ‘Dieselgate’ scandal that rocked the automotive world and till today still mars the VW Group will never be wiped out from history. The carmaker, a colossus in its own right, has been plagued by the scandal since September 2015, ever since the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) caught the company cheating on its emissions figures. Since then, billions have been paid in fines and billions more will continue to flow out of the company coffers.

Meanwhile, to mend VW’s reputation, campaigns have been created to highlight the company’s good qualities, the overhaul of top management and new operational practices put in place.

As part of the settlement with U.S. authorities for breaking the law, VW agreed to invest US$2 billion in a new electric vehicle charging network that started in 2017.

The project is called ‘Electrify America’ and the first phase, which involves installation of over 2,000 chargers at 484 stations, will be completed by 2027. US$800 million of that investment will be spent in California alone, which is getting more of the money than any other state. The remaining US$1.2 billion will be used to electrify the rest of the country.

It is still far behind Tesla, which operates 2,600 Superchargers at more than 370 stations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. But Electrify America chargers are universal, unlike Tesla’s exclusivity to its customers (like the iOS and Android)

Its first ad campaign on behalf of all-electric cars highlights the practicality of going electric and is a dig at diesel-powered vehicles. Its promotes convenience while at the same time looking after Mother Nature.

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And in conjunction with the new ads, Electrify America is launching a website——that promotes electric cars as affordable, with longer ranges of about 250 miles, and that ultra-fast 350-kw DC fast chargers will replenish batteries nearly as quickly as fuel from a pump. Electrify America is already installing such chargers.

Electrify America’s chargers will vary by manufacturer, design and location, but they will all be fast. The company says they will be capable of charging at 50kW, 150kW and 350kW. For comparison, Tesla’s Supercharger network works at 120kW.

Electrify America says its chargers add up to 20 miles of range to a car’s battery every minute, four times faster than what Tesla’s Supercharger can manage today. However, this charging speed of 350kW will not be available to every EV driver at launch; in fact, only Porsche (owned by VW) has committed to building cars capable of charging at 350kW for now. But, by installing chargers capable of such high speeds, Electrify America’s network will be future-proofed for years to come.

“Electric cars are not something of the future,” says Richard Steinberg, senior director at Electrify America, said in a statement. “They are here now and more accessible than many people know.”

Over here in Malaysia, the government is already in talks about producing its third national car project—electric cars, no less

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