VIDEO: X-1R Philippines on the Streets

Our sponsor, X-1R, takes to the streets of the Philippines to talk to the people, and our Philippine correspondent, HAROLD, brings it to our attention. 

X-1R Philippines’ Customer Relations Consultant, Adi Amor, conducted person-to-person interviews with Filipinos on the streets, to get their views directly on the pressing and monstrous problem of traffic congestion in the metropolis.

The video of the interviews can be seen here:

Some practical solutions were suggested by the common people—the commuting public and motorists—on the streets. In the same video, they commented regarding the long delayed subway project now to be constructed by the unorthodox Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, intended to ease the perennial and endemic traffic mess in the Philippines.

Sometimes, there is a need for our intellectual technocrats to listen to the people and suggestion of the common “tao”, because they are ones that actually suffer the worst from traffic problem.

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