VIDEO: Lamborghini Slips Under Toll Booth Boom Arm; Malaysian Netizens Are NOT Amused

A 7-second video is making its way around the social feed of Malaysians and they are less than amused. The video shows a yellow Lamborghini Aventador slowing down as it approached the SmartTag booth at the toll plaza. If you are not from around here, the SmartTag sensor mounted over the lane detects a device, with an RFID card, that is inside the car and remotely collects digital payment. After payment is collected, the boom arm lifts to allow the vehicle to pass.

But in the video that was first uploaded onto TikTok by user @Kennytiew0821, we can see that the boom arm doesn’t lift up and the Aventador, which is only 1.136 metres high, simply slips under it and zooms away.

@kennytiew0821No need to pay toll fees? ūüė≥ #like #followme #lamborghini #shimalganu‚ô¨ qing fei de yi meteor garden ost – ramjay batas

The toll fee is only RM2.50 or US$0.60 while the supercar costs over RM2 million to own in this country, so you can see why Malaysians are miffed and they made their feelings known in the comments section. Many echo the aphorism that this is “how the rich get richer”.

Some netizens gave the driver of the Lamborghini the benefit of the doubt and suggested that payment was collected, but the boom arm had failed to operate. In response, Kenny confirmed that the LED display on the side had shown “Baki Kurang”, meaning that the card had insufficient credit to pay for the toll fee, instead of “Terima Kasih” (Thank You) if the payment had been received.

If this had happened to the rest of us commoners, we would have had to use the intercom to call for help or reverse our vehicle and cut across lanes to a booth that collected cash payments (although officially, all toll booths are now cashless).

The Malaysian public transport company, Rapid KL, showed their sense of humour by contributing the public’s favourite comment: “Bas kami tak boleh lalu bawah”, which translates loosely to “Our buses cannot do that.”


But why are we surprised? Studies have shown that the level of a driver’s douchebaggery correlates to the price of the vehicle that they are driving. One study showed that the more expensive the car, the less likely the driver is to yield to pedestrians. In another study titled¬†Not Only Assholes Drive Mercedes¬†(we didn’t make that up), researchers found that drivers with disagreeable personality traits have an affinity for cars associated with high status.

Already some local netizens have said that they spotted a yellow¬†Lamborghini Aventador in their neighbourhood and that it could be the same one as in the video, considering there are so few on our roads because of their hefty price tag. Kenny wisely refuses to divulge the car plate number, but we wouldn’t put it past our fellow citizens, many of whom are barely making ends meet during the pandemic, to mount a “car-hunt”.

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