VIDEO: KIA Stinger GT vs Porsche and BMW in AMCI Testing. See what happens…

The new 2018 Kia Stinger GT with a twin turbocharged engine capable of 365hp was pitted against a Porsche 3.0L V6 Panamera and BMW 640i Grand Coupe M Sport in a series of tests that include 0 to 60 acceleration, cornering, the slalom and closed-course laps. The professional AMCI test drivers were Gary Thomason, George Doganis and Ken Motonishi.

The results might surprise you. This Korean make prevailed in most tests, even though the Panamera turned out to be slightly better, but only by a fraction (and the 640i came in last each time). Kia appears to really hold its own against much more expensive metal, and the Stinger is much more affordable than the BMW 4-series or Audi A5. This would be an interesting car to own.

Watch the video to see what happened during the tests:


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