Vera is Volvo’s Self-Driving Electric Truck

Image credit – Volvo Trucks

At first glance, one might think that this looks like a supercar hauling goods. Or maybe, a test of the towing capacity of a race car.

But this is no supercar. It is Volvo’s idea for a new autonomous transportation of goods, whereby there is no driver, saves massive amounts of metal and space, and works around the clock with no coffee or toilet break.

Much has been said and worked on for autonomous road-going cars in recent years, but in places like factories, ports and logistics centres, it is a different thing altogether. And Volvo’s new electric vehicle concept attempts to meet the needs of these businesses.

“We can see a boom in e-commerce, as well as overall global consumption and it shows no signs of slowing down,” says Mikael Karlsson, Volvo’s Vice President Autonomous Solutions. “The industry needs to find new ways to meet the increased demand on transports in an efficient and sustainable way. Therefore, new solutions need to be developed to complement what’s available today.”

Mikael Karlsson, Volvo’s Vice President Autonomous Solutions.

Meanwhile: Uber Shuts Self-Driving Truck Company to Concentrate on Cars.

The concept is powered by the same drivetrain and battery packs as you would find on Volvo’s electric trucks, which are built to carry out repetitive, short-distance trips with large, heavy loads, while emitting less exhaust emissions and lower noise levels.

The idea is for fleets of Veras to work together by connecting to a cloud-based service and management centre, optimising traffic flow to keep things operating smoothly and minimise waiting periods. Nice.

This is Volvo’s achievement when combining automation, connectivity and electromobility:

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