Use Coca-Cola To Wash Your Car And Other Tips to Clean the Car You Neglected During Quarantine

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After neglecting their car throughout the quarantine, car owners who finally have a reason to drive or bother to check on their vehicle are discovering that it has been enveloped by mould, inside and out, or had rusted over. Well, here are some tips and tools that netizens claim to work for them in cleaning their car and returning it to shine. They are easy, inexpensive and probably already in your pantry.


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Besides being a refreshing beverage, Coca-Cola has long gained a reputation for being a tough cleaning solution for a number of items—toilet bowls, old coins and stained pots, among others. Well, it also has uses in the car-cleaning department: to “melt” corrosion off battery terminals, dissolve rust on rims or even clean leaked oil on your garage floor and blood on your upholstery (you didn’t learn that from us). It is most likely the carbonic acid that has a moderate cleaning effect, but that also means any other carbonated drink should do the trick. So, the next time you can’t finish your large cup of soft drink that came with your meal at McDonald’s, splash it onto your car where it needs some light cleaning.



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Olive oil not only boasts of many health benefits—you might use it in cooking and as an emollient in skincare products—but you might not have known its less popular but no-less-useful function as a surface polish. You can use it to return shine to your car’s dashboard and leather upholstery. Just dab a little bit onto a microfibre cloth and rub it onto the surface that needs polishing. Some fans of this method claim that it also works in dust-prevention. Someone try and let us know?



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Besides being a necessary spread to make the perfect sandwich, mayonnaise can also be used to remove leftover adhesive from your windscreen, whether from your old road tax or when your “Baby on Board”, for whom the car sticker was meant to keep safe, has become a snarky teenager. Just dab some mayo onto the stubborn residue, leave it for 15 minutes and then rub it off with a cloth. Apparently, the oil from the mayonnaise helps to break down the adhesive.



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With the festive season coming, your pantry is probably stocked up on baking soda, so you can spare a little to clean your car. Sprinkle some on the seat of your car, leaves for a few hours and vacuum it clean. The baking soda will remove any bad smells as well as repel cockroaches and mites that have probably built an empire inside your cushion.

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