UK Uber Rider Charged with Assault After Farting

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Some headlines are just too good to allow to pass by, like this one. According to reports carried in the UK’s Bristol Post newspaper, a drunken nightclubber ended up getting a suspended prison sentence after farting in the back of an Uber that sparked a wild blowup (pun intended).

The rider, by the name of James Mallett, was in the back seat of an Uber when he couldn’t resist the urge to let one rip. For the driver, a certain Aleksander Bonchev who apparently had already suffered a string of obnoxious riders that night, this was just too much and he demanded that the rider exit the cab.

Apparently, Mr Bonchev, who came from Bulgaria to work in the UK as an Uber driver, sustained a broken finger after Mr Mallet, who was already drunk at the time, rained blows down on him; Mr Bonchev was unable to work due to his injuries and subsequently lost his job and car and because of this, has now returned to Bulgaria. And all because of a little flatulence.

Mr Mallett was handed a six-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and a fine of GBP500 along with a 120-hour community service order…all because he couldn’t hold it in. Perhaps the judge should have ordered him to stop eating beans……

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