Two Thrilling Races & A Mechanical Bull!

The X-1R Go-Kart Enduro Challenge races that had spanned the whole of last year culminated in the Grand Finale last Sunday at the Sepang International Kart Circuit.

The day started with an unexpected adrenaline rush – an addendum race for one of X-1R’s strongest group of supporters, the ever gung-ho Proton dealers. The Proton Treatment Day race attracted the participation of 16 dealerships in a one-hour endurance race. The Bandar Baru Motor team completed 51 laps, three more than its closest rival, the Alpha Auto, to emerge victorious and with the best lap time of 01:06.705, which is very impressive indeed.

By afternoon, participants of the X-1R Go-Kart Enduro Challenge began arriving for registration and the briefing session. Meanwhile, some excitement (and amusement) were generated by the Rodeo Bull Contest whereby attendees of the event clung onto the back of a mechanical bull (‘branded’ with X-1R stickers, by the way) which mightily reared and bucked, trying to toss its rider off its back (don’t worry, the deseated riders landed on ‘soft’ ground and no harm was caused…except to their pride).

To everyone’s delight, a mysterious male figure dressed in an all-white outfit with a white helmet appeared on the scene. Could it be? Is it he? Has The Stig from Top Gear made an unexpected appearance at this humble little race track? Well, he turned out to be a Mr Hanif who was participating in the final race with the Lotus Car Club team. He certainly knew how to attract attention and you can bet the viewers looked out for him throughout the race.

Finally, the Grand Finale race began at 2.00pm with the afternoon Sun bearing down on the track. The 12 teams who had earned their place in this final race took off with relentless determination that endured for the ensuing one hour. In the end, the team that accumulated the most laps to clinch the title (and MYR1500 cash) was Banana Motorsport (Team A) with 53 laps and the best lap time of 01:06.723. Congratulations to all who participated. With your enthusiasm and sportsmanship, you are all winners!


Proton Treatment Day Results

Total teams : 16

Results :

1. Bandar Baru Motor
51 laps – best time 01:06.705
Amirun Nasrulhaq, Mohd Firdaus, Mohd Hishammdin

2. Alpha Auto
48 laps – best time 01:10.762
Ma’mun Mokri, Shahrizal Zainal Abidin,  Nazran Abd Rahman

3. Proton Edar Mutiara Damansara
47 laps – best time 01:09.404
Ahmad Zamri, Azila Aseri, Yusnizan


X1R Go-kart Enduro Challenge Final 

Total teams : 12 teams


  1. Banana Motorsport (Team A) – 53 laps – best time 01:06.723
  2. Next Stage Garage (Team B) – 52 laps – best time 01:07.885
  3. Riyoz Racing Team – 52 laps – best time 01:06.519
  4. Next Stage Garage (Team A) – 52 laps – best time 01:07.051
  5. Lancer GT Club – 51 laps – best time 01:08.708
  6. Civic FD Southern – 51 laps – best time 01:08.360
  7. X-1R Team – 51 laps – best time 01:07.991
  8. Lotus Car club – 51 laps – best time 01:09.129
  9. Dworks Racing Team – 51 laps – best time 01:08.634
  10. Banana Motorsport (Team B) – 51 laps – best time 01:09.050
  11. Miracle Team – 50 laps – best time 01:09.271
  12. Guns Motorsport – 50 laps – best time 01:07.399

Cash Prizes Prizes:

Champion – MYR1500
1st Runner Up – MYR900
2nd Runner Up – MYR600


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