Turn Left for Love

With just a pack of removable vinyl stickers packed into the saddlebags of his trusty bike, a French painter and sculptor has become a bit of an internet sensation after he began prowling European city streets, looking for signs in need of a bit of humour.

Whilst his work is not strictly legal, some local city governments have begun to embrace his work as a way to liven up otherwise functional street furniture, which in a way is where it all began. Clet, who orginates from Brittany, France began altering the traffic signs after a visit to Florence, where he found the signs to be a bit of a carbuncle within the renaissance era city.


Generally he works at night; apparently because there is less chance of getting caught. He props his bicycle against the post, stands on the saddle and applies the removable sticker that he has prepared in advance. The whole process takes about ten seconds and then he is on his way again.

The altered signs have turned up all the way in New York and Osaka (where his girlfriend spent four months in prison) and he has even been invited to display his work at a prestigious Paris gallery.

He seems to have a particular affinity with no entry signs, which feature in a lot of his work.

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