Toyota Race & Rally Cars Tribute

The Toyota GT86 owes its attributes as an exceptional modern sports car – from its impressive handling to low-sling styling – to generations of classic performance Toyota’s. As a 50-year tribute, six GT86’s have been restyled with faithfully recreated vinyl wrap and decal liveries of their predecessors. Vintage styling elements have been included to transform the automaker’s current sports coupe into the classic look, which include stainless steel exhaust, retro-styled wheels and lowered springs.

Here they are, the originals alongside their remakes:


Yatabe Speed Trial Toyota 2000GT

The yellow and green one harkens back to the Yatabe Speed Trial 2000GT from 1966.


Shelby Toyota 2000GT

Another decked out in white and blue pays tribute to the 2000GT showcased in the US back in ’68 by Carroll Shelby.


Ove Andersson’s Toyota Celica 1600GT

The red one with the black hood pays homage to Swedish rally-driver, Ove Andersson’s rally-spec ’72 Celica .


IMSA GTU Toyota Celica

This one with red and yellow stripes is the IMSA-spec Celica from the mid-80s.


Castrol Toyota Celica GT-Four

This Castrol livery originates from the Group A rally-spec Celica GT-Four.


Esso Ultron Tiger Toyota Supra

This tigerskin livery is derived from the Esso Ultron scheme from Japan’s own touring car championship.

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