Toyota Makati Wins X-1R Philippines’ 2022 TikTok Contest

There is more FUN with X-1R!

Toyota Makati Service Department – 1st place winners.

Spreading fun and positivity whilst maintaining client relationships are among X-1R Philippines’ new initiatives, now that the worst of the pandemic over and they are very much back to business as usual.

While watching some trending TikTok videos (a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short videos online), a brilliant idea sparked in CreativeSparx, Inc (X-1R’s exclusive Philippine distributor) CEO’s Brixton Aw’s mind–to launch an online TikTok contest that feature X-1R products and will showcase the talents of their client-car dealerships nationwide.

The mechanics was super simple. All car dealerships that carry any X-1R product will have to post a 30-second “Paro-Paro G” (a trending tiktok music using butterfly moves) TikTok video on the Facebook Group Community created for the annual X-1R raffle promos. Videos with the highest number of reactions will be declared as the winners. This was a quarter-long contest that ran from May up to July in time with the Second Quarter Raffle Draw.

Toyota Makati Service Department – 2nd place winners.

The enthusiasm towards this first-ever exclusive online contest was clear, with numerous TikTok videos showing the dealers’ creativity in their dance moves, transition effects and product exposure. Sixteen (16) car dealerships were shortlisted, showing their creativity on their dance moves, transition effects and product exposure.

Cash prizes were awarded to the dealers who got the most number of reactions (likes, etc.):

1st place – Toyota Makati with 338 reactions. Prize: P25,000
2nd place – Toyota Bicutan with 344 reactions. Prize: P15,000
3rd place – Hyundai Manila Bay with 323 reactions. P10,000

Hyundai Manila Bay Service Department – 3rd place winners.

This TikTok contest was an addition to the ongoing Quarterly raffle draws leading up to the Annual X-1R Raffle Promo this year.

Watch the winning video here:

@vicrallos1 #X1RBACTATIKTOK2022 #toyotamakati ♬ original sound – Vicrallos 💕 – Vicenta Candelario

X-1R Philippines aims to create more events and activities in the future like this to engage their client dealers, with the end view of propelling the X-1R brand.


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