In a remarkable feat, Toyota Cubao, one of the largest Toyota dealers in the Philippines and owned by one of the largest Philippine banks, the Metrobank Group, tops the selling of X-1R Transmission Treatments. This is not some one month luck, it has been going on for about 2 years now and, very consistently. 

Quite frankly this has intrigued me. I would not be surprised if Toyota Cubao outsells every other dealer in X-1R Engine Treatment, which is X-1R’s global best seller or X-1R Decarboniser, which is X-1R Philippine’s rising star. But Transmission Treatments? 

And the even more amazing part is that about half of all its over 2,000 service clients a month use X-1R Transmission treatment. At an average some 1,260 bottles of transmission treatments–560 for Automatic transmission engines, 550 for manual transmission and  150 for CVT—are being regularly sold a month.

Toyota Cubao Service Reception Head & Chief Service Advisor, Glenn Rodriguez, with X-1R Philippines’s Account Manager Marga Marco

Toyota Cubao’s Service Reception Head and Chief Service Advisor, Glenn Rodriguez, pointed out 3 key reasons why they have been successful with X-1R Transmission Treatment.

“First, the product really works. The foaming problems in automatic transmissions were eliminated, the shuddering in some CVT engines where phenomenally reduced and the smooth shifting in manual transmission engines were significantly noticed.

“Second, efficacy of the automatic, manual and CVT fluids are enhanced and hence, can reach the regular fluid change intervals thereby protecting the transmissions of engines and third, most customers don’t realize the importance of maintaining their transmission systems well.

“Our Toyota Cubao Service Advisors highlight the fact that it is very costly to repair or replace a transmission system hence preventive maintenance is far cheaper and economical than curative repairs or total replacement.” 

Toyota Cubao Service Advisors with their Head, Glenn Rodriguez and X-1R’s Marga Marco

These brilliant SA’s at Toyota Cubao are experts at selling the “need” first and second only the product.  Clearly they have been trained to sell the “hole” not the “drill”. A big salute to these exceptional guys!

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