Top 10 Ugliest Production Motorcycles—Part 2

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They make you throw up in your mouth a little.


5. Morbidelli V8

A howling V-8? Sure, why not?! But not when the bodywork around the engine looks so fugly. From the side, it looks like the fairing of a Ducati ST2 was glued to the rear section of the Honda NR750. Or something like that. Then seeing the front will have you saying, “WTF.” It looks like a cow being surprised from behind. Even more insulting was the price tag of £90,000. In 1998.

4. Johammer J1

The what? In our books, the front-end was definitely inspired by a snail. “Snail” does not sound so bad it is called “siput babi” in Malay. Just look at it. Or do not. Okay, okay we give it credit for having a hub-centre steering.

3. Suzuki RE5

Suzuki had intended to break the mould by equipping the bike with a rotary engine. That dream became a horrible nightmare: the engine produced so much heat that all the necessary accoutrements to contain that heat made the bike heavier than the gain in specific output. If that is not bad enough, Suzuki had car designer Giugiaro style the bike. Wanting to continue with the “rotary” theme, he ended up scattering a bunch of cylindrical “tin cans” around the bike. Cycle World magazine called the bike ‘hideous’.


2. Honda DN-01

The Honda DN-01 has to be one of Honda’s worst disgrace. Before we get to the styling, let’s consider this: it was meant to be a challenger in the cruiser market, but was powered by a wheezy 680cc V-Twin. That engine was mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) like that of a scooter. So, what do you have now? A cruiser? A scooter? Or a “scruiser”?

Customers soon complained of a hard seat and lack of wind protection from the substantial bodywork. Additionally, the DN-01 had a ridiculously low load capacity of only 147 kg. That meant it could only carry the rider and passenger and leaving nothing for luggage.

Okay, now the styling. It was so ugly that people starting dubbing the bike as ‘Do Not Own One’. ‘Nuff said.

1. Lamborghini Design 90

The Lamborghini Design 90 was a stop-gap measure by the famed supercar manufacturer to shore up their finances in the mid-80s. The company was up to its neck in debt, despite having the Countach (cue Miami Vice theme song, neon lights and pastel-coloured clothing).

Lamborghini gave the task of designing and building the bike to French boutique motorcycle builder, Boxer Design.

The bike was actually built chock-full of high-end materials and components, such as the aluminium alloy frame, top-end Brembo brakes and a 130-hp 1000cc inline-Four engine.

But there was no way of getting around its ugliness. There was a plan for a 25-bike production run, but it proved so ugly that only 6 were built. One example went up for auction last year and found no takers.

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