Top 10 Ugliest Production Motorcycles—Part 1

Sure, sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there are motorcycles that are so ugly, even their makers can’t love them. Some bikes set your pulse racing, but these make you throw up in your mouth a little.

10. BMW R 1200 ST

BMW has plenty of good-looking bikes and those that are not-so-pretty are not ugly either. Except for this, the R 1200 ST. There is no doubt that the German manufacturer had wanted to include the signature kidney grille on the bike to share a family resemblance with its cars, but this is proof that cars and bikes do not necessarily agree; instead of a stunning sibling, BMW ended up with a bike with an awkward front-end.

9. KTM 690 Supermoto

Cover the front portion of this bike and look at its rear. Looks normal, if not pretty good. That upswept exhaust may not be everyone’s cup of hot chocolate but it kinda looks like what you find on a rally bike. Now remove your hand. Ugh! What was Kiska thinking? And what was KTM’s management drinking? This bike’s design alone causes many to still question Kiska’s current KTM designs.

8. Buell RR 1000 Battletwin

Eric Buell is a genius and no one should ever question that. He was the one who designed the chassis for the Harley-Davidson FXR which is still the best-handling Harley. Compare that to the Battletwin here. Yes, the all-enclosed bodywork is meant to lower drag but, but, but… could it not have been made a little more appealing? The Suzuki Hayabusa’s styling is made to slice through the air, too.

7. Aprilia Moto 6.5

This bike was ugly when it came out and it is still ugly today. It was designed by a renowned French designer by the name of Phillipe Starck. The entire bike just looks like a mishmash of parts that are confused themselves—that “fuel tank”, for example.

6. MV Agusta Zagato F4Z

Another reason why car designers should stick to designing cars.

There was plenty of excitement when MV announced that famed coachbuilder Zagato will be designing a special model. But the bike got lampooned as soon as it was unveiled. It kinda looked good from the front three-quarter angle but look closer and you will find all sorts of mismatched parts. It looks like a slab of red-painted awning from the side; that tail section seems to have sprouted out of nowhere; that flyscreen and a snout-like nacelle over the projector headlamp. However, we would like to point out that most current electric bikes have the same design. Perhaps it would not so bad if it had not been an MV.

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