Thor Trucks Drops the Hammer with Insane Looking Semi

Electric trucks are catching up in a big, big way. Sometime back in August, Cummins revealed the AEOS, the engine-maker’s electric semi-truck. Mercedes followed suit by unveiling the E-Fuso Vision One. Then, Tesla debuted the Semi. Now, there’s a newcomer to the scene—Thor Trucks.

Thor Trucks’ Thor ET-One is the result of a mix and match. The chassis comes from Navistar, which produces military trucks, school and commercial buses, and also provides truck and diesel engine service parts plus financing services. World leader Dana provides the axle, and the motor comes from TM4, which are experts in electric drive systems.

 Image credit – Fox news

The founder of Thor Trucks are two 25-year-olds, Dakota Semler & Giordano Sordini, who have tapped into their family wealth to launch the development of the heavy-duty electric truck.

“I am from a multi-generational family of fleet operators and we actually ran (diesel) trucks. We’re part of the problem,” said Semler.

He found a partner in Sordini when they met as undergraduates at university. They say the name Thor was chosen because they wanted to make a statement. Other companies sounded green and bubbly whereas Thor sounded tough, and it emphasized their commitment to tackle serious trucking problems.

“Electric truck technology is not just a way to make money—it’s good for the environment and good for people,” Sordoni said.

Co-founders Dakota Semler & Giordano Sordini. Image credit –

The 18-man team, operating from their North Hollywood industrial warehouse, built a steep, matte-gray cab that resembles the helmet of a medieval knight. It has aerodynamic fenders, a gulping front grille and a one-piece wraparound windshield. Battery packs from LG Chem are mounted to both sides of the chassis under side skirts.


Thor Trucks’ people are heavy hitters in the industry. Jarod Doran from green vehicle developer, US Hybrid, is the lead electromechanical engineer. Priyankar Balekai became Chief Product Officer after more than a decade at Navistar and electric bus manufacturer BYD. John Henry Harris was named Senior Mechanical Engineer after stints at Boeing and electric car company, Faraday Future.

The truck has up to 300 miles of electric range with a full 80,000-pound load. A 100-mile version is planned for production. The company is building additional prototypes and eyeing 2019 to begin production. Pricing will start at $150,000 for the 100-mile version and $250,000 for the 300-mile version. It looks like a big fight is on in the trucking industry.

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