This Video Shows Us All the “OMG” Things Malaysian Drivers Do

The Ministry of Transport of Malaysia recently released a video to promote road safety, featuring local celebrity, Adibah Noor, urging—or rather, singing about—better road behaviour. The video includes a cameo by the Minister of Transport himself, Anthony Loke.

Whilst it is arguable whether an entertaining video can truly engender improvement in driving behaviour, the video does highlight all the road rules ignored by Malaysian drivers and just how awful they really are.

1) Ignoring the zebra crossing

Those stripey designs are not road art, you know.

2) Using the phone while driving

So many people do it, it’s like a national sport.

3) Having more than two riders on a motorcycle

The ability to squeeze and balance an entire family onto a kapcai (underbone bike) is quite impressive…but also dangerous.

4) Not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle

Still happens a lot in residential areas.

5) Letting the kid sit on driver’s lap

Lewis Hamilton, your kid is not. Speaking of kids in wrong places….

6) Kids hanging out of the window/sunroof

Decapitation waiting to happen.

No. 5 and 6 also mean that the…

7) Kids are not seated in proper car seats

Please, please, please read this:


8) Motorcycle stunts on public roads

Showing off you can do a wheelie and fly like “Superman” on public roads proves nothing except you are truly an idgit. Don’t get us started on white-lining…

9) Double parking

Describe people who double-park in two words: inconsiderate and selfish.

Here is the video; see if you can spot all the “OMG” things Malaysian drivers do listed above and then some:

Did we miss anything?


When you see all these bad behaviours in the span of five minutes, it is incredibly embarrassing. C’mon, Malaysians, let’s do better.

    January 31, 2019 - 5:00 pm

    You forgot:
    1. Turning without indicating
    2. Using footpath as Motorbike short-cut
    3. Using footpath as parking bay
    4. Double/treble parking because it is so much easier than walking 200 metres.
    5. Just about any ‘normal’ behaviour of Kap-chai riders.

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