This Shopping Trolley is Equipped with Pre-Collision Assist Tech

Have you ever had a shopping trolley run into you or over your toes? Or experienced cart collision in crowded aisles?

Shopping trolleys are not entirely dissimilar to cars on the roads: they are travelling at speeds that can cause harm and are navigated by distracted humans. With collision prevention technology so advanced in cars, why not apply them to shopping trolleys? That’s what Ford thought.

Presenting, the Ford Self-Braking Trolley:

The shopping trolley is fitted with tech that is similar to the Pre-Collision Assist system found in Ford models. In the car, a forward-facing camera and radar detect the car’s surroundings and the system automatically applies the brakes if it senses a potential collision.


In the trolley, a sensor scans the space ahead for obstructions and applies the brakes when necessary.

Blame it on the children. 

The Ford Self-Braking Trolley is, of course, just a gimmick to promote the American automaker’s cars. The trolley is just one of several “inventions” under the Ford Interventions series, which shows how automotive advancements can also be used to improve daily lives. Two earlier inventions were a Lane-Keeping Bed, a self-adjusting mattress that keeps sleepers on their side of the bed, and a Noise-Cancelling Kennel that keeps Toby calm during fireworks.

Whilst Ford is unlikely to mass manufacture these inventions, they really should. Because we NEED this bed:

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