This is NOT a Car Mat…

…at least, that’s not what it was intended to be. But sure looks like you could use it as one.

Ultra-luxury fashion brand, Balenciaga, is trying to pass this off as an automotive-inspired piece of fierce *snaps fingers* fashion. This “structured leather skirt” is making waves not just in the fashion world, but everywhere on the Internet.

Balenciaga is fleecing retailing this leather skirt for US$2,235 and their gullible fashion-forward followers must be grabbing them off the racks:

Is that a SIDE VIEW MIRROR that she is clutching in her hand?

Oh God, yes it IS.

A clutch with an in-built mirror, finally!

Image credit: Imaxtree via Cometrend


And if you don’t believe in wearing animals or is on a budget, here’s another version made from “thermoformed” viscose material:


This one only costs US$1,295, a steal compared to the leather one.

By the way, if you are handy with the sewing machine and want to make a “structured leather skirt” of your own, you can get the material from Lazada for RM70 (US$17):

If you need a blouse to go with the skirt, then may we suggest this other offering from the same collection, for just US$1,235:

The back is to die for:

To finish the look, here’s a few accessories: –

A pair of drop earrings.

A belt.

Get the instructions on how to make this ‘timing belt’ belt here. (We kid you not.)


 And finish the look with this foldable hat:

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