This Go-Kart Track is MASSIVE!

The length of this massive track is 2000 feet.

Next month, on the 1st of June, one of the biggest go-kart tracks in the world will be unveiled. This massive playground for go-kart fans will officially be North America’s largest elevated go-kart. The place, to be exact, is Clifton Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Clifton Hill is Niagara Falls’ top destination for attractions, restaurants, entertainment and more. It is located just a block away from the Niagara Horseshoe Falls and has an updated and renovated Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, an expanded SkyWheel pedestrian plaza, a zombie-themed 4D ride and many others.

The track, called the Niagara Speedway, is part of a 10-acre redevelopment project that started more than two years ago with the demolition of the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill building.

This created a 4-acre site for the expansion of new Clifton Hill entertainment facilities, which opened up 20,000 square feet of renovations, and 30,000 square feet of new buildings and extensive streetscape site work.

President of HOCO Limited, Harry Oakes, described the track as “go-karts on steroids”.

“You drive on a road course for a portion of the race and then spiral up … to about 40 feet, and then come down a long hill … kind of like the way a wooden coaster would be,” he added.

595,420 lbs (270,077 kilograms) of steel was used to build the track..

36 F-22 Doubles karts from J&J Amusements will drive on the track, powered by 9hp Honda engines and reaching a maximum speed of 15 mph.

If that’s not fast enough, wait till you drive up and down ramps, going up to 4 storeys high with twists and turns. Tell us that’s not fun.

A place where you can have all the fun in the world.



Images: Photo courtesy of Clifton Hill via Christine Lynn

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