This Clever Concept is Really Ten Vehicles In One

Every vehicle that our Automologist MAC could want in one…

It’s boxy but is it good?

Deciding on the new car often means coming to a compromise – you know, having the four-door sedan just because the wife’s mother visits twice a year and it wouldn’t be nice to cram her into the back of that two-door sports coupe that you really want – well, assuming you do not want a visit to an expensive divorce court, that is.

Most of us can only afford one daily drive and thus most of us use it for a multitude of different tasks, and that really useful MPV you bought to ferry your kids to football on Saturday morning is a really lousy sportscar on the way to and from work – the compromise sucks. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reconfigure your car depending on your plans?

This is the mission behind eBussy, an electric ‘bus’ project/concept from a German company called Electric Brands. Yes, I know the names are not exactly what you would call imaginative, but what they are planning is a lot more exciting than that. There is very definitely a 1960s retro VW-microbus feel to the eBussy concept. But in true futuristic style, it will be an EV with a range of between 200 to 600 kilometres, depending on which battery pack you decide to put in. Rooftop solar panels and a KERS braking system add to the range, of course.

They got them all. Hang on, there are only eight here…

Amazingly, the vehicle is a fly-by-wire configuration and it is this that makes it so easy to reconfigure. Forget about all the other technical data, though; the much more interesting idea behind the eBussy is it is customizable and has a modular design. The chassis can come in two configurations: City or Off-Road, and a choice of ten different body styles, which means that you have the ability to swop from simple minibus to camper to panel van or even surf wagon. Apparently, all you do is swop in a new body.

I like the surf version.

As of now, the car is just a concept even though Electric Brands claim that it will be on sale sometime next year in Europe at prices ranging from US$18,000 to US$33,000, with the top of the range being the off-road camper. As of yet, there is no news about availability elsewhere in the world. If you are interested, take a peek at the video below:

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