This Car Key is More Expensive Than Most Cars

Would you part with £15,580 to transform your everyday car key fob into a wearable tech that disguises itself as wrist jewellery? If you own a supercar, you might, because what’s 20 thousand to you anyway.

The Senturion is a UK-based luxury wristwear maker that creates hand-crafted bracelets, which syncs with your Bentley, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and the like. Its latest collection, the S177, is named after the exclusive number of pieces that will be made (in other words, there will only be 177 pieces in this collection).

The owner of the supercar hands over the vehicle’s spare key and the clever people at Senturion will take it apart—okay, reverse engineer it—and transfer the encrypted security onto a miniaturised system that fits into the bracelet. The bracelet then replaces the function of the original key—unlocking/locking the car and starting/stopping the engine—except it’s much cooler: the small parts in the bracelet rotate whilst the car unlocks and it is one of the most beautiful wearable tech we have seen.

Another technological innovation is the ability of the bracelet to still transmit RFID signals despite being encased in metals (sorry, that’s precious metals). It is why most key fobs are made of plastic.

(And also why you can wrap your key fob in tin foil to prevent your car from being stolen.)

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How the bracelet overcomes this is a company secret, and if you’re not an admirer of expensive jewellery, you must at least admire the micro-circuitry and technological design.

If just having a Senturion Key is not exclusive enough, you can choose from various customisation options to make it one-of-a-kind: the straps can be made from ostrich, crocodile or stingray leather; you can select the precious stones that will be set by hand by a master jeweller; you can even opt for a meteorite core, if you like the idea of a 4.9-billion-year-old material from outer space on your body. Customisation starts at £150,000, which makes the£15,580 entry-level model cheap by comparison. Each piece takes 70 hours to craft.

The Senturion Key has been seen around the wrists of some of the world’s leading athletes—such as Usain Bolt and David Luiz, who commission 30 pieces for his Chelsea teammate—although we are quite sure that they didn’t have to pay for their bespoke keys.


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Check out my bespoke #Senturion #EliteSupercarKey that starts my car, made of solid ancient meteorite @senturion_key

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It certainly looks good on them.

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