This Airline Offers First Class Flights at Economy Prices, and It Sounds Like a Dream

Miami-based startup, ZED Aerospace, is offering an innovative way to fly: it combines the usually mutually exclusive features of luxury and affordability. AURA is the company’s flight service that is a super deluxe experience aboard CRJ700 Bombardier regional jets. Tickets start from only US$280, and you will enjoy: –

1) Easy airport check-ins

The planes take off from small private airports, bypassing the usual hassles of checking in at a commercial airport. Passengers only have to arrive 20 minutes before takeoff.

2) Two service classes, both of them classy

FIRST tickets are for the main cabin, and even though it’s the “cheaper” flight, the seats are super comfortable, with 44 inches of pitch. Conventional domestic flights have a max 42-inch seat pitch in first class.

The eight WAVE premium seats have Swiss-designed zero-gravity AIANAWAVE seats that lie completely flat. They were designed based on input from sleep psychologists and aero-medical scientists!


3) OLED surroundings

The cabin walls can turn into night skies or sunsets. You don’t have to feel like you’re travelling in a claustrophobic tube.

What are people watching on planes?


4) Virtual Reality headset, Wi-Fi and iPad Pro at each seat

Forget TV screens. AURA offers entertainment in the form of a VR Headset that is linked to the 360-degree camera mounted atop the plane; you can experience flight from OUTSIDE THE PLANE!

And there’s free Wi-Fi and an iPad Pro for each passenger.

5) The FOOD

FIRST passengers will be served tapas of international cuisine. WAVE passengers can choose their meat-of-choice a day before departure, which will be cooked onboard by a chef. All passengers can order from a sushi/sashimi menu as well. Drool.

The first flight is set to take place in 2019, between Atlanta and Chicago, and later other major cities in the USA.

For the sake of those of us who are stuck in Asia, can someone please propose the same idea to Tony Fernandes? Thankyouverymuch!

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