These Glasses Cure Motion Sickness. But They Make You Look Like a Nutter

As we inch closer to fully self-driving vehicles, we might expect to be able to squeeze in some last-minute work or reading or online browsing whilst being whisked to our destination by machine. However, whatever gains in productivity brought on by autonomous tech could be curtailed by motion sickness.

One research by the University of Michigan surveyed 3,255 respondents from the USA, the UK, Australia, China, India and Japan, and between 4 to 14% of passengers in these countries expect to experience some level of motion sickness.

Solutions? Here’s one. Citroen is now offering a simple motion sickness cure in the form of glasses, which it calls the Seetroen (not the most creative name, but gets the job done). The designers of Seetroen glasses claim that the glasses can help your mind re-sync with the inner ear (which helps you maintain balance), and can do this in 10 to 12 minutes.

Sounds great. Only thing is the glasses look crazy. It comprises four rings—two in front and one on each side—which contain liquids in its inner rings. As soon as the symptoms begin, you can pop them on—over prescription glasses, if you wear them. And when your sense of balance is restored, you can take the Seetroen off again.

The Seetroen is already available at the online Citroen Boutique. They are apparently great for even kids, as long as they are over the age of 10 (cause any younger, their inner ear have not finished developing).

For only €99 or £90, you’ll get to read/play with your phone in the car while looking like a complete nutter.

“Mum, why do you hate me?”

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