The Singing Roads of Hungary

A recently opened road along the eastern border of Hungary next to Slovakia is a road with a musical difference.

The road in the Hungarian wine region of Tokaj has been specifically engineered with ‘rumble strips’ on one side that will play a musical note when you drive across them. The cleverly designed strips are tuned to play that well-known Hungarian Folk Song, Érik a szőlő, which, for the non-Magyars out there, translates to “The Grapes are Getting Ripe” but only if you are travelling at a perfect 80kph. Any faster or slower, the music will distort and sound just wrong.

This is not the first ‘singing’ road in the country. An earlier one in the south of the country known as Highway 67 plays the melody of “A 67-es ut” a song by the Hungarian rock band called Republic (click here to watch the video), but we have no idea what that means.

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