The Silent Killer

There is a silent killer stalking throughout the world of cars and it is called Sludge, a killer that quietly blocks the arteries of your car like an automotive-cholesterol leading to catastrophic failure of its lubrication system and the death of your engine. Consumer groups all around the world are being inundated with complaints about just about every manufacturer available; the chances are if you live in a city or town and are servicing your car every ten to fifteen thousand kilometres, then sludge could be coming to you real soon.

Sludge starts to invade our engines when you no longer drive normally, or so the manufacturers tell us. What is defined as normal driving in most of the world is an average speed of 72 kilometres per hour (kph); the trouble is that most of us drive at an average of 30 to 50kph, and in big cities like Jakarta and Manila, the average speed drops to a mere 20kph. This halving of the average speed in effect halves the life expectancy of your oil, but the trouble is that over the past few years, car companies have tried to lengthen the time between service intervals to reduce the cost of running the vehicle and get a marketing advantage over their rivals.

We have written before on how this insidious car-cholesterol will cause your engine to go into automotive cardiac arrest (read Sludge, The Engine Killer!), but back then the world hadn’t gone crazy trying to squeeze ever more power out of ever smaller high-compression engines with ever longer service intervals.

This is a disaster waiting to happen to one of your most cherished items – your car. There is hope though and it is in the form of X-1R Engine Flush. This is a brand new product with a growing reputation for excellence. X-1R Engine Flush was scientifically formulated to work in synergy with the oil in your vehicle to neutralise sludge and remove sludge build-up in your engine. The patented formulation will gently but firmly remove all deposits in your engine and when used with X1R Engine treatment, will help you to regain lost power and performance in a way that it is like vitamins for your car.

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