The New Mitsubishi MPV

Mitsubishi is set to reveal a new small MPV at the upcoming Indonesia Auto Show. The new model is basically the production version of the XM concept, with distinguishing features such as the front grille, sharp lines on its sides and L-shaped taillights.

The 7-seater MPV will come with a new interior, and Mitsubishi claims that it blends the practicality and versatility of an MPV, with the style of an SUV.

The company is yet to announce the exact engine details for the crossover, but reports suggest that it will feature a 1.5-litre petrol powertrain. The vehicle will also get a front-wheel-drive system and high ground clearance to offer optimum all-terrain performance.

We still don’t know if there are any plans for Mitsubishi to offer the new Expander, as it is rumoured to be called, outside select Asian markets, but we’ll find out once it debuts on August 10th.

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