The New Electric Hummer Can Do the Crab Walk…

Our news feeds have been buzzing about the new GMC Hummer EV and fans are saying that this new electric beastie is kicking Tesla’s Cybertruck in the behind.

General Motors revealed their “supertruck”, the world’s first apparently, on Tuesday and it deserves the characterisation not just because it is capable of a whopping 1,000HP and 11,500 lb-ft of torque, and 0-to-62mph time of 3 seconds, but also the truckload (pun intended, of course) of tech and features that GM has managed to squeeze into it.

The surefooted vehicle is held up on 35-inch tyres, with air-suspension which can increase the vehicle clearance a further 6 inches in “Extract Mode”. Want to see the sky? Just look up through the transparent “infinity roof”. Want to enjoy the open air? Remove the modular roof panels easily and stack them in the back. Traversing particularly tricky terrain? The waterproof underbody cameras will help you pick the best line to get you through it.

But the most redonkulous and exciting thing that the Hummer EV can do that no other vehicle can is…the Crab Walk. Seriously. Activate the “Crab Mode” (yes, that’s what GMC calls it) and all four wheels will rotate simultaneously to move the truck diagonally.

How many times in the truck’s or your lifetime would you need to move the vehicle diagonally? We don’t know. But some features you just have to have, even if you never use them.

Of course, it can be a bit worrying that might run out of juice in the middle of the jungle and you’d be hard-pressed to find an electrical point in a tree. But you can load up on 100 miles of range with a quick 10-minute charge before wandering off the beaten path. GMC has labelled the electric truck as “Zero-emission”, though we beg to differ, but that’s for another article. The Hummer EV will be built at the automaker’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant which has been renamed “Factory Zero” – you get why.

GMC has released a great ad to really show off the Hummer EV, set to the backing track of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song which is often used to make a subject look really badass (have you seen Snow White in Shrek 3?).

The Hummer EV will be available for pre-order in 2021 and is slated for delivery in 2022. Crab…I mean, grab one now.

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