The New Alfa Romeo, Striking The Right Chord!

The anniversary of Alfa Romeo’s founding will be celebrated in a slightly different way this year. For the 104th edition, UK-based Harrison Custom Guitar Works has created a limited edition guitar inspired by the Italian sporting car marque, and it is officially sexy!

The guitar only bares the slightly unimaginative name of ‘Alfa Romeo’ which, when compared with all of the emotive names that graced the poetry in motion that is Alfa Romeo, is a boring name. For the guitar’s creator though, this was a labour of love. Company founder, Guy Harrison, is himself an Alfa owner and the guitar was something he had been considering for a long time apparently.

The guitar is made from poplar and maple wood with a carbon fibre back plate and milled aluminium bars across the body, mimicking Alfa’s signature familial grille, and on which the pick-ups are found. For the volume knob, there is a large Alfa emblem and the neck is carbon-reinforced Korina wood with an ebony fret board and Alfa’s four leaf clover inlaid in malachite on the third fret.

‘The Alfa Romeo guitar requires some special techniques,’ said Harrison in a statement. ‘The whole thing is absolutely brand new – the concept, the design, everything.’

There will only ever be 11 Alfa Romeo guitars produced and you can have it in any colour you want as long as it is Alfa Red. The price is £4000 each and if you want one, you will have to wait for the eight months it takes to make it.

Was this the guitar-maker’s design inspiration?


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