The Mystery of the Tesco Carpark Lockout: Hundreds Locked Out of Their Cars

Mystery shrouds a Tesco supermarket carpark in the UK after hundreds of drivers reported being locked out of their cars when their key-fobs stopped working.

The local police station close to the Tesco Supermarket in Royston Hertfordshire has received what they described as “hundreds of reports” of shoppers returning to their cars only to find that the remote door unlock feature is not working.

As of yet, the cause of the rather annoying feature is not known and as of yet, the incident is not being treated as “malicious intent” and the case is only being investigated by the UK communications watchdog, Ofcom. Via their Facebook site, the local Police have issued a warning about the phenomenon saying, “For reasons yet unknown, there appears to be an issue with key fobs not functioning normally in the area”. They continued by asking anyone who experiences this “not to panic and to report any difficulties to the supermarket”.

For years, concerns have been raised about the security of remote control locking systems, including the risk of vehicle theft. These worries focus on the ease of radio jamming devices to block signals for the remote controls. Available online, the jamming device is used to disrupt the signal so the car remains unlocked and the jammer can then steal things from your unlocked car.

Of course, in a lot of countries, this is really frustrating as insurance companies will not pay out if the car has been left open; as there is no sign of forced entry, the assumption is that the car was left unlocked, which is adding insult to injury really.

In a way, though, the presence of jammers must be comforting to one of the shoppers who got locked out of her car in the incident, who when asked about it replied, “My fob wouldn’t work and some other lady couldn’t get her alarm to stop. I thought it was some kind of Alien phenomenon”. Poor love must have been on the Chardonnay a bit early that day.

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