The MINI Folding Bike

Sir Alec Issigonis probably didn’t envisioned that the car he designed would have inspired another vehicle in the form of a folding bicycle. Yes, the MINI can now be had in the shape of a bike.

An automotive brand producing a bicycle is nothing new. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and a host of other automakers have their own themed bicycles. For enthusiasts of the MINI brand, this adds to its impressive collection of sunglasses, apparel and watches, to name a few. If you’re a MINI fan, the bike is the next piece of accessory that you need to have.

This collapsible two-wheeler can be loaded into any boot and provide you with the calorie-burning effect that you crave for or a leisurely ride, if it is more of your thing. It has a dark-grey frame with silver-colored accents and the MINI Wing Logo on the crossbar, creating a classy, modern look. The saddle and handlebar grips in cognac-coloured leather add the finishing touches to the design.

Weighing 11 kilogrammes with a padded leather saddle, 20-inch wheels and eight gears make the bike extremely comfortable to ride.

Its Teflon-coated chain protects against rusting and stubborn dirt. You also get mudguards at the front and rear for additional protection from dirt and water splashes in wet and muddy conditions.

The MINI Folding Bike is available now at and from selected MINI dealers. It is priced at €650.00 (RRP) and comes fully assembled and ready to ride.

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