The First Lamborghini Hybrid

Lamborghini’s world premiere of the brand new Asterion concept has had the shroud prematurely lifted, as a set of magazine scans (pictured left) has been released on the internet. The leaked images from an Italian publication shows the car with an identical silhouette as the one in the official teaser (above). The car’s official launch will take place at the Paris Motor Show 2014 this weekend.

The Asterion, which is the uncomfirmed but rumoured name, is purportedly a hybrid concept, named after the half-man, half-bull creature from Greek mythology. The powertrain reportedly is made up of a V10 engine hooked up to no less than three electric motors to produce a total combined output of 900hp; of course, this specs is also unconfirmed.

Looking at the magazine scans, it appears that the new hybrid is smaller than the Huracan. Could this mean that there will be an entry-level model in the future, positioned below the Huracan? Tomorrow is the first press day of the Motor Show, when Lamboghini will be revealing more details; we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.


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