The Eight Best Car Seats For Dogs

Travelling with your dog can sometimes be a challenge. So, how can we keep them strapped down safely and comfortably to avoid distracting us from the road? The answer is a proper dog seat. Dog seats are an excellent way of preventing you from getting into road accidents due to distracted driving and help in keeping your dog secure during the drive. Nevertheless, finding the best dog car seat can be a challenge due to the number of options available.

Firstly, how do you choose the best seat for your pet? Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Safety – Your dog car seat should be attached securely to your car seat to prevent it from moving around during travel. Moreover, it should have an adjustable leash that can be attached to your dog’s harness to ensure that he’s safely secured during your ride.
  • Easy Installation – You should choose a car seat that can be easily installed and removed as most times you will be ferrying more than just your pets, especially on long road trips.
  • Easy Cleaning – You would want something that’s easy to remove and clean. Removable dog car seat covers are also an excellent way of ensuring that your car seats remain clean even after your dog has been on them. Stay away from any type of fabric-type doggie seats if possible.
  • Size – As they come in many shapes and sizes, you should get a dog car seat that is proportional to the size of your dog. For larger dogs, you may want to consider a dog car harness or dog seat belt instead.


Here we have compiled a list of products which we believe are presently the best in the market for your furkids.


Not only does it keep your dog out of your way, but the Amazon Basics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat also gives your dog a good view. Made with high-quality machine-washable durable fabric, this seat is designed to fit onto either the passenger or back seat, allowing you to comfortably choose where to place your pup. It keeps your pet secure in its seat while also making it easy for it to hop in or out. This seat can be installed easily with your car’s existing seatbelt straps.



Being able to fit dogs up to 16kgs, the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat is designed to easily carry your furkid anywhere while still having enough room to move around in the back seat of your car. Its unique design adds 9 more inches above your car seat to give your dog the best view possible. For easy cleaning, its liner is removable and can be washed often. However, it doesn’t do well in comfort as there isn’t much padding.



For ultimate safety, we have the Pupsaver safety seat for small dogs. Being the only dog car seat on the market that has been tested, it is thus proven to be safe in an event of a car crash. It faces the rear so it can catch your dog on impact and act as a barrier, keeping your dog safe. Made out of highly durable and heavy-duty materials that keep your pup secure in his seat in case of an accident, this dog car seat doesn’t sacrifice quality and comfort.




The Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat is solid and stable enough to handle dogs of up to 20kgs. It is an easy-to-use design whereby the seatbelt goes through its back and an adjustable strap that attaches to the headrest, which really helps increase stability. It is spacious enough to accommodate a medium-sized and a smaller dog. The inclusion of two tethers allows you to secure them both to their seats. It is also versatile because you can use it as a dog bed when not in use as a car seat. The plush inner lining is comfortable enough for this. The inner linings are removable making it easier to clean. However, since it is meant to accommodate two dogs or one large dog, it takes up quite the space in your backseat, leaving little to no room for anything else.


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