The Dazzling Genesis Essentia – You Wouldn’t Believe Who Made It

We want this car now.

Unveiled at the just concluded New York Auto Show, this pure electric concept got it spot on, with bubble roof, butterfly doors and body panels made from carbon fibre.

To be a hundred percent sure you’re the driver, the car uses biometric fingerprint and facial recognition scanners. Only then can you get in and drive off.

There’s no engine to see through the hood, but passers-by can admire the Essentia’s carbon fibre chassis and exposed pushrod suspension.

Its interior features bold red with blue dash accents. The dash is a series of screens that supports voice recognition. The car is also connected to your smart home. We presume that in the years to come, everything under the sun will be connected.

The battery pack is housed in a central tunnel in the car, which enabled engineers to drop the overall height of the car to a sporty 50 inches.

The makers of Genesis say that 0-60mph should be done in 3 seconds.

There is a high possibility this car would go into production, but with a slightly muted look. Just slightly.

We’ve kept the last point to the end. Do you know the name of the manufacturer? It’s ok, we’ll help you. It is Hyundai!



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