The Aston Martin DBX, It’s Almost Here

Automologist MAC writes on yet another low-volume car manufacturer that is jumping on the SUV bandwagon. 

Aston Martin, the rather well-known but low-volume manufacturer of an incredibly desirable sports car, succumbed to the inevitable some time ago. It decided to launch its very own SUV, as any self-respecting petrolhead should know. The car is to be known as the DBX and I like to think of it as the car James Bond would be driving if he had ever grown up and had a family—oh, and if he wasn’t a fictional character as well.

Even though the DBX is still technically a prototype, real-world testing has begun in the Welsh hills, where it was seen conquering the Welsh Rally stages. More real-world testing is due after the rough and tumble of being put through a rally stage, with stints in the desert and the artic to be fully tortured, or was that tested, prior to the scheduled launch in the later part of next year. The final tuning will be undertaken at Germany’s famous Nurburgring.

Aston is a little late to join the SUV pack and will join the likes of Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and even Porsche, who have all tried to break away from their core competencies of low-volume production of high-end vehicles to win new fans, particularly in China. This, of course, then presents a particular challenge for the manufacturer, as it will be the first time it has had to test mundane things like off-road ability and towing performance, not the things you would do for a normal sports car offering.

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At first glance, the DBX looks a little ‘samey’ to all of the other luxury SUVs on the market, but I guess that is to be expected in many ways; after all, there are only so many ways to skin a cat. But it is the driving experience that I am looking forward to test and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel sometime soon. Just have to try and convince my local Aston dealer that I am a genuine customer.


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