Tesla Model 3 to get Ludicrous Mode


It hasn’t been launched yet but there are already 400,000 pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3. At last month’s unveiling of the Model 3 by its proud father, Elon Musk, the performance figures in terms of speed – if not distance – were already pretty darn good. But now, via Twitter, Musk has confirmed that the upcoming Model 3 will also have the aptly named ‘Ludicrous Mode’ – as in Ludicrously Quick.

The standard Model 3 is of course not a slow coach; from a standing start, it can hit 100kph in less than six seconds. Of course, in Ludicrous Mode, this number is set to drop significantly. Musk didn’t reveal in his Tweet just how much the numbers would improve, but for the Model S that already has the Ludicrous Mode, the 0-100kph time is less than 2.8 seconds, which does of course make it one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world as it delivers a mere 532bhp to the rear axles and a piffling 259bhp to the front via its dual electric motor configuration.

Tesla Motors must be the most written about car company in the world at present, especially when you remember that it is really still a boutique manufacturer that hasn’t hit 100,000 cars in a year yet. There are plans at Tesla to ramp up production to about 500,000 cars per year by 2018, largely aided by the new Model 3 which is slated for delivery later next year, assuming that the carmaker can get it right and that is not a sure bet.

If you read the world’s financial papers though, there does seem to be a little trouble brewing for Musk. The Model X, an all-electric SUV priced at US$81,000, has seriously dented the brand’s image, with problems on the doors and seat latches leading to recalls. But things seem to be taking a turn for the worse with the announcement that two top production executives, Greg Reichow, VP of Production, and Josh Ensign, VP of Manufacturing, will be leaving the company. Shipments have slowed as well in March, with just 14,820 vehicles shipped, and the company announced a first quarter loss of US$283 million.

However, there is a silver lining. To be on the waiting list for the new Model 3, you need to pay a US$1000 deposit. So with 400,000 people now on the waiting list, Tesla Motors has collected almost US$400,000,000 in revenue for a car it hasn’t even built yet. Genius.

top image: gas2.org
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