Terradyne Gurkha – the safest vehicle to be in

Meet the Terradyne Gurkha RPV (Rapid Patrol Vehicle). Based on the Ford F550 commercial truck chassis, this vehicle is no stranger to action in military, security and law enforcement applications. Recently, the Canadian-based armoured vehicle specialist, Terradyne, began offering this armoured beast to civilians, which means these street-legal tactical RPV’s could be coming to roads near you.

The four-door vehicle is over 20 feet long and almost nine feet tall. Hummers would quiver next to this Goliath. But mean as it may look, it doesn’t come with attached arms (can’t have an armed vehicle roaming public roads, right?). Instead, it can withstand a 7.62 caliber round. The tough body armour is lighter than it looks, too, for better fuel economy and maneuverability, and the vehicle comes with off-road proven Fox shocks suspension. Optional add-ons include a VIP package, GPS system, front winch, trailer hitch and light bars.

The AWD vehicle is powered by a standard 6.7-litre turbocharged Power Stroke diesel mated to a six-speed auto transmission, and can churn out 660 lb-ft. of torque. The 4×4 system features a two-speed shift-on-the-fly transfer case, which spins the large Continental MPT 81 tyres.

The interior has steel floors and a technical design, but the VIP package would deck it out luxuriously. However, the pickup bed isn’t very big, but you probably won’t be using the Terradyne Gurkha to pick up building material anyway.

The RPV went on sale earlier this year for a starting price of US$300,000, and the company claims it has already sold a few in North America. Got enemies? The inside of the Terradyne Gurkha is probably the safest place to be.

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