Tech-Savvy Thieves Steal High-Security Cars

Hi-tech keyless cars that are supposed to be amongst the most secure are being stolen from driveways in the dead of the night, without the thieves even having the key. Cars that have the latest technology to protect them from the miscreants have been disappearing in increasing numbers, baffling the Police and car companies alike. But now British Police have discovered how the thieves are circumventing the security systems without getting access to the keys.

Many modern cars have what is being dubbed as a keyless security system. Basically, it is a sensor that detects when the ‘key’ is near, and thus will allow for the doors to be opened and the ignition switched on. This is not the preserve of expensive high-end cars as many manufacturers have adopted the system.

Up to now, though, it was a bit of a mystery as to how so many cars with supposedly advanced security systems are being stolen. However, a well-positioned security camera has shown how the cars were boosted. Apparently, one thief holds a detector near the house of the target car. He has a sensor that can activate the key in the house and pick up the signal that is then relayed to an accomplice, who has a second device that tricks the cars security system into believing that the key is present and thus the car can be opened and stolen.

So, how do we now stop your ride from being stolen? Well, you could give up on cars and take a bus. Never heard of one of those being stolen…

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